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Just a short project to test out some things and improve on others. I designed and built him from scratch.

Wanted to go for a prisoner or ex-prisoner with a sci fi helmet that was forced into his skin on top of his head. Could've probably pushed the idea more, took it more like a guideline.

He has one 2k texture map and 4.5 triangles. Zbrush used to model everything you see except the eyelash planes, these were done in Modo. Retopo in 3D-Coat. UVs in 3D-Coat and Modo. Textures in ZBrush (Skin polypaint base), Substance painter and final adjustments and textures in Photoshop. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

And no he does not have a body. This is as far as I go with him :) I included some of the zbrush shots (there were many more but didn't want to fill up the project with them).

Hope you enjoy!

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