Imperfect Cell Bust
Gino luka kolling shot5


Gino luka kolling shot1


Gino luka kolling shot2


Gino luka kolling shot3


Gino luka kolling shot4


Cell Bust Turntable

Cell Closeup Turntable

Gino luka kolling screenshot 3


Gino luka kolling screenshot 5

3ds Max Viewport

Gino luka kolling screenshot 4

Substance Painter Viewport

Imperfect Cell Bust

Always loved this version of Cell the most, it somehow felt the most threatening to me as a kid.

This was originally a sketch that I decided to take into Substance Painter to practice my texturing. Part of the practice was to try adding most details in Painter instead of ZBrush. I still prefer the control I have in ZBrush :> but it was fun nonetheless and I think I learned a lot.

Even though it is rendered realtime, it is by no means a model ready for games.

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